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Either for commuting or exercising, cycling is a great, healthy choice!

Best cycling routes in London and in the UK

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I love to help people to get on with cycling!

Second Hand Bicycles

Tips for buying a second-hand bicycle. What to check when buying an used bicycle.

The Best Cycle Routes

Hidden city gems to wild country sides, the best cycling routes of London and UK.

Bike Maintenance Essentials

How to fix a flat tyre and how to keep your bicycle at tip top condition.



What is your favorite cycling accessory? Is it a helmet, gloves or socks! You will find lots of cycling accessory ideas under this section.
Pedal-it in style!

Bicycle Care!

How to maintain and clean your bicycle and more!

From beginners to keen cyclists, these bicycle maintenance guides will be your reference.

Helmets, gloves, locks and more! Practical advice on bicycle accessories.

Helmets, gloves, locks and more! Practical advice on bicycle accessories.

You will also find tips on how to cycle safely not around the city but also on country side.

26 top tips for new bicycle commuters.

You’ve got the bike. Now what? Here are 26 tips to make your journey to work easier and safer – or help convince you to stick at it.

Top tips for buying a used bicycle.

You don’t need a bespoke bike to get a great ride. Bikes are manufactured so that they can be adjusted to fit your body shape.


Cycling Clothing!

Is it cotton, wool or merino, what makes the very best cycling clothing. How much you should spend for quality cycling clothing? all and more will be here.